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It dominates the surrounding valley and terraced hills below and once was one of the crown jewels of Syrian tourism before its 3- year- old conflict began.. It is like many of the country’s most significant historical sites, caught in the crossfire in a conflict that activists say has killed more than 1.. Looters have stolen artifacts from excavations and museums About two years ago, Assad’s forces identified the Sunni- populated village of Hosn as backing the rebels.


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chevaliers de la table ronde

They began an armed blockade that allowed no one to leave or go inside The government said Hosn harbored foreign, al- Qaida- linked armed insurgents who terrorized neighboring, mostly Christian villages.. Critique photos and add your own Departure Damascus toward the north to visit the famous Castle of Al Hosen ( Crac Des Chevaliers) after the visit return back to Homs, visit Masjed & Tombs of the famous Moslem Leader Khaled Ibn Al Walid, after the visit we.. Some sites have been turned into military bases Shelling has smashed historic mosques, churches and markets.

chevaliers de sangreal meaning

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